Letters: Superior Court Judge Department 2



John Wulle deserves to be retained. Opponent David Gregerson lacks the criminal-case experience that is necessary. The majority of Superior Court cases are criminal in nature, making Gregerson’s experience woefully lacking. Moreover, law enforcement agencies in Clark County have come out in support of Wulle. As Wulle’s neighbor, I’ve witnessed his sense of responsibility and compassion. He offers sensible advice on security issues and is the quintessential “neighborhood watch” person, regularly monitoring activities and checking on the most vulnerable. Wulle is intellectual and professional, but he’s also a nice guy.

Judy Hermann


I’ve seen many great public servants over the years who have the integrity voters deserve and the behavior that earns maximum public trust. In courtrooms, we expect judges to have the even temperament that assures a fair hearing for all. We need judges who won’t place their own needs above the court’s. David Gregerson will be this kind of judge. With 20 years as a successful trial attorney and experience as judge pro-tem, Gregerson has proven competence, a calm and measured demeanor, community roots, civic involvement and dedication to the spirit of public service. I strongly support Gregerson for Clark County Superior Court Justice, Dept. 2.

Royce Pollard