Letter: Changes needed at county jail



A July 19 Columbian story reported, “Jail death ruled homicide.” I have known both Afrodita Asanachescu and her husband, Cristian, for many years. They are both loving parents with big hearts. Both Afrodita’s sons were her life. To think her youngest son met with such a tragic and senseless death is beyond my comprehension.

The story states that he was overweight and had mental issues. What does that have to do with a crime that has been ruled a homicide? The dictionary is very clear what the word homicide means. It is a person who kills another. To rationalize it any other way is ridiculous. It is a criminal act no matter how you try to look at it.

I pray that their son’s death wasn’t in vain and that it will result in much needed changes to Clark County’s jail.

The fact that the custody officers who were involved in the death have now returned to work is unacceptable.

Joan M. Tyrrell