Letter: Church considers human life a gift



Larry Little’s July 12 letter, “Church should not dictate law,” states that the Catholic Church’s moral teachings contradict modern medical science regarding birth control, abortion and same-sex marriage. Really?

I wasn’t aware that “modern medical science” made pronouncements on morality, unless to bend the knee at the altar of “Choice” and treat patients as consumers of health services deemed legal by the government.

The Catholic Church considers human life from conception to natural death as a gift from God to be respected and protected by law … human sexuality as a gift from God as part of His plan of lifelong marriage between one man and one woman … fertility as a gift from God to be cherished and respected by the married couple according to responsible parenthood, which includes sexual abstinence during fertile times if the couple has decided to postpone pregnancy.

Pope Paul VI reaffirmed this Catholic teaching on marriage and family life in 1968 when the “sexual revolution” was in its heyday. Many Catholics just ignored the encyclical “On Human Life,” and today many don’t even know there is a natural and effective alternative to “chemical birth control” when it comes to responsible parenthood. It’s called “natural family planning.”

Gerry Parmantier