Precinct 390 voters get extra ballots



The Clark County Elections Department has mailed supplemental ballots to voters in Precinct 390, whose initial Aug. 7 primary ballots failed to include the names of precinct committee officer candidates. The county is covering the cost of postage for voters to return the additional ballot.

The names of precinct committee officer candidates running in Precinct 390 mistakenly ended up on the ballot for voters in Precinct 370, meaning voters in Precinct 370 saw PCO candidates from both precincts on their ballot. If Precinct 370 voters cast a vote for a precinct committee officer candidate running in Precinct 390, those votes will not be counted, according to a news release from the elections department.

The elections department reported Friday that at least 127 voters from Precinct 390 had already cast their votes using the incomplete ballots. Those who haven’t voted yet should still use the erroneous ballot, but they also should fill out the supplemental ballot they receive in the mail if they want to vote for a precinct committee officer.

For more information, contact the Clark County Elections Department at 360-397-2345. Voters can learn which precinct they live in by checking their voter registration cards.