AP analysis: Inslee still vague on major issues



OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Jay Inslee launched his campaign for governor 11 months ago with some vague and inconclusive policy statements. He’s still leaving a lot to the imagination.

With less just three months before Washington state’s primary election and six months before voters will choose the next governor, Inslee demurred on several issues during an interview with The Associated Press. He left uncertainty on how he would handle taxes, transportation, immigration and marijuana policy.

The Democrat’s fuzzy comments on how he would handle the state’s school system also contributed recently to an education advocacy group endorsing Republican rival Rob McKenna. The executive director of Stand for Children said the group was impressed by McKenna’s “clarity and specificity” and found that Inslee lacked detail in his policy positions, how he would work to implement them and what track record he had of being a change agent.