Couple accused of robbing Portland bikini barista

Woman allegedly fights with police officer

By Craig Brown, Columbian Managing Editor



Jennifer Tsouvas

Donny Ray Hizey

Portland police have arrested a man and woman in connection with the reported robbery of a bikini barista, but not without a fight.

The incident was reported at 2:37 p.m. Sunday at Bikini Barista Coffee, 8102 N.E. Killingsworth St. The business offers coffee beverages dispensed by women wearing revealing swimwear.

Portland police said that the suspect was described as a middle-aged woman driving a mid-size older white car.

As officers responded, a witness motioned a sergeant toward the suspects’ vehicle, which was being driven erratically westbound on Killingsworth. The driver then turned into an apartment complex a dozen blocks west of the robbery scene, where both occupants jumped out of the car and ran.

The sergeant called for additional units as he chased both people on foot. The male suspect, later identified as 32-year-old Donny Roy Hizey, scaled a fence attempting to evade capture. The female suspect, 42-year-old Jennifer Tsouvas, attempted to scale the fence but was pulled off by the sergeant.

While giving commands to Hizey at gunpoint, the sergeant held Tsouvas on the ground. Tsouvas began to violently struggle with the sergeant, causing him to holster his handgun and focus on getting Tsouvas into custody. Tsouvas continued to fight with the sergeant until the sergeant was able to get her under control and handcuffed. The male suspect, Hizey, remained on the opposite side of the fence and complied with commands not to move.

The barista allegedly later identified the two as the robbers, police said, and both were taken to jail after being treated for minor injuries.

Police recovered a BB gun they think was used in the robbery, plus the loot, which was in a purse reportedly belonging to Tsouvas.

Hizey was arrested on suspicion of Robbery in the Second Degree.

Tsouvas was accused of Robbery in the Second Degree, Burglary in the First Degree, Assaulting a Public Safety Officer, and Resisting Arrest.