Thirsty moose visits East Wenatchee



EAST WENATCHEE — A fella can sure work up a thirst strutting through backyards and down residential streets.

So maybe it’s not too surprising that a moose strolling through the Briarwood subdivision here Saturday stopped by a backyard goldfish pond for a drink.

“I was sitting there having lunch when I thought I saw somebody walk by the window,” said homeowner Pat Malone of the moose’s 2 p.m. visit. “It was a four-footed somebody.”

Malone said the moose seemed totally at ease, not skittish in the slightest. “It walked right into the yard and over to the pond,” she said, “like it knew where it was going.”

The moose took a good gulp from the pond and stood around in the home’s garden for 15 to 20 minutes before leaving the yard and continuing its stroll down Briarwood Drive.

“I thought it might be heading to the country club,” joked Malone. The Wenatchee Golf and Country Club, just a couple of blocks away, has lots of green grass and a swimming pool.

Malone said her home at the edge of Sandy Canyon has attracted lots of wildlife over the years.

“We’ve seen deer, coyotes and pheasants, but never a moose.”

In the previous week, a pair of moose had been sighted in the area around Pangborn Memorial Airport. Wildlife biologists said the wanderings are the result of larger moose populations dispersing through north-cental Washington.