Letter: Harmful effects outweigh net jobs



I was born in Vancouver. I respect the workers as I come from a family of electricians and miners. I am in favor of jobs. However, coal transport and its long-term effects can’t be mitigated. Even though many may feel that Millennium Bulk Terminals is a great company to work for, Millennium is not shipping coal now.

Coal brings harm anywhere it is mined, shipped and burned. This is why coal is being phased out all over the world. We can’t allow coal to be shipped from the Longview port. With an estimated, per BNSF Railway, 500 pounds of coal dust dropping per mile, past agriculture, rivers, streams, businesses, homes, schools, federally protected endangered species spawning grounds and many city centers — the question is, how will we clean this up and who will pay for it?

We have laws in place that don’t allow the dumping of mercury and lead into our waters. Coal contains many more harmful chemicals.

Do we sacrifice a whole state for a few jobs when, in fact, there is always a net loss of jobs wherever coal passes? We, in the route that coal takes, will see all that we have worked for damaged beyond repair. None of us can afford this kind of ruination of our economy.

Toni Montgomery