Letter: Work within limitations of budgets



Reading the June 19 Columbian story, “City council OKs sending parks levy to voters: It would cost a homeowner $70 a year,” is very upsetting to me. As a taxpayer living on a fixed income, I am being taxed to death. First, officials needed to raise taxes for a new taxing district to build a new library, then they want to raise sales tax to fund light rail, and now they want to let voters decide if they want to increase our property tax to fund a new levy for park spending. What’s next?

It seems like back in early years of America, we had a revolution because of overtaxation. My question is why can’t the city and county live within their current budgets without asking for more revenue? Why can’t they identify what is the largest expenditure that is causing the budget deficit and reduce that expenditure or get rid of it? For some reason, I have a feeling that the largest expenditure is cost for labor union employees. If that is the case, then get rid of the unions and then you may not have to tax us taxpayers to death.

I say “no” to a parks levy.

Fred Strawder