2 die after Ore. car runs light, hits pickup



EUGENE, Ore. (AP) — Two people are dead in Eugene, Ore., after a speeding car with a teen driver ran a red light and slammed into a pickup truck.

Oregon State Police Lt. Gregg Hastings says a trooper had just pulled over a car he clocked at more than 100 mph early Wednesday when the young driver raced away again, running the light and colliding with the pickup. Police say a man and woman in the pickup were both ejected and later died of their injuries.

Officers arrested the car’s 16-year-old driver for investigation of manslaughter and third-degree assault. They say the car belongs to his family.

After colliding with the pickup, officers say the car collided next with a Eugene police car. A Eugene officer in that car was treated for minor injuries.

The teen driver was lodged at a juvenile detention center after treatment for his injuries.