Letter: Don’t cut valuable programs



I’m writing in regards to the Feb. 29 Columbian online story “Appeals court: Wash. can cut food program.” I’m a junior at Washington State University Vancouver. In my English class, we’re discussing poverty and the aspects of poverty. By just reading the headline, I knew I was opposed to the proposed program cut.

I thought to myself, “Why would the state cut a program that helps men and women feed their families?” I understand completely that certain programs need to be cut or budgeted, but a food assistance program should not be one of them.

I personally know that food assistance programs contribute greatly to the well-being of families. Without food assistance, families might not be able to afford their rent or other necessary payments they need to make.

Feeding their families will always come before a phone bill (or any other bill for that matter). Cutting this program would mean families would need to choose each month between keeping a roof over their head or having a decent dinner and keeping their family healthy.

I’m very glad that this lawsuit case was sent back to the U.S. District Court.

Kayla Gilcrease