Volunteers help Friends of Trees plant the west side



West side — More than 100 volunteers turned out to help Friend of Tree make Vancouver a little greener Feb. 25. The volunteers planted 122 trees all over west Vancouver in the Arnada, Carter Park, Edgewood Park, Fourth Plain Village, Fruit Valley, Harney Heights, Hudson’s Bay, Hough, Lincoln, Northwest and Shumway neighborhoods. Members of the Lions Club joined in as part of a challenge to plant 1 million trees across the globe by the end of this year. Boy Scout and Cub Scout groups and members of the Evergreen High School Key Club also helped. On March 17, work begins on some east side neighborhoods: Friends of Trees will plant trees in the Airport Green, Burnt Bridge Creek, Countryside Woods, First Place, Image, North Image, Landover-Sharmel, Parkside and Parkway East neighborhoods. Friends of Trees is a Portland-based nonprofit that offers trees to homeowners for $50 including delivery, hole digging, stakes and planting assistance, along with follow-up health checks. Learn more at http://friendsoftrees.com.