Talking Points: It appears the Blazers are done



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


This talking point is being written as the Blazers take a 10-8 lead over the Celtics. This looks promising…


OK, this talking point is now being written at 6:01 p.m., as the Trail Blazers trail the Celtics 74-37, and there is little fear that it will need revision. Portland’s season is done. The team’s road struggles were never worked out, the team’s home success did not last. This season is 20 percent shorter than usual, and the Blazers have given about 50 percent less effort.

Don’t expect any blockbuster trades to spike this flat punch bowl that is Portland. Its assets just aren’t enticing enough. Don’t expect LaMarcus Aldridge to be content by the end of the year. His intensity has not been matched.

Nate McMillan has been a capable coach throughout his tenure, maximizing the potential of his oft-injured roster, but he may not be spared. And he might not complain about that.

A few games into the season, this was a team people were saying could reach the Western Conference Finals. Obviously, that great start was fool’s gold, but who thought it would ever get this bad?


Peyton Manning will never quarterback for the Colts again, but he made sure to give the Indy fans a proper good-bye, saying “I truly enjoyed being your quarterback.”

The following point has already been made in this newspaper, but — wouldn’t you expect to hear something from Brandon Roy? He may play again, but he won’t be a Blazer. And while he didn’t leave nearly the national imprint as Manning, he may be just as beloved in Portland.

No pressure for Roy to do anything, but a precedent has been set now.

And then there’s Greg Oden, who also is likely done as a Blazer.

Well, uh, probably best not to say anything Greg.

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