Letter: Sowell has crossed to fear tactics



I have never agreed with columnist Thomas Sowell, but I have always respected the intelligent, thoughtful analyses that explained his opinions. In his March 6 column, “Election will determine fate of American way of life,” however, he went from intelligent and thoughtful to just another fear-mongering ultraconservative who will say anything, regardless of how ridiculous and outrageous it is, to make his point.

First, I would like a few examples of President Obama’s “warped policies and ruthless tactics,” along with an analysis of how they differ from the policies and tactics of previous presidents, before I can believe in the president’s “lifelong hostility to Western values and Western interests.”

Second, Sowell seems to think that gaining the presidency will somehow magically help candidate Newt Gingrich overcome his egregious flaws, the only one of which Sowell mentions is “opportunism.” Sowell fails to mention corruption, dishonesty, and a nasty tendency for revenge. If Gingrich is the “cure,” I think I will stick with the “disease.”

Nancy Zacha