Letter: Sowell’s rhetoric is malicious



Thomas Sowell’s March 6 column, “Election will determine fate of American way of life,” is another example of the extreme rhetoric prevalent in this election year. I was discouraged to find who I thought of as an intelligent individual using such extreme inflammatory verbiage, such as “the fate of America and of Western nations, including Israel, will be left in the hands of a man with a lifelong hostility to Western values and Western interest.” How can a supposedly educated and well-read journalist spout such rubbish?

Anyone who tries to persuade the public that President Obama has a lifelong hostility to Western values and interests is just plain ignorant, malicious, and trying to stir up mayhem in the public domain. There is so much hatred and distrust in this country, and Sowell adds to this. President Obama loves this country, and has never demonstrated any hostility to our values. But then, perhaps I do not understand Sowell’s values. Perhaps I do not want to, for they sound a bit like those who would bring down our country with such hostility and prejudice. We need peace in this nation. We need civil discourse. We need responsive reporting and dialogue to encourage that civil discourse.

Joan Lewis