Letter: Simple placard rules to follow



I just renewed a handicap placard for my buddy and saw that the instructions for use had not changed. It still has the notice “Remove Before Driving” right on the placard and also on the personal identification card issued it states “Post only when vehicle is parked.”

If people would follow these instructions, the placard wouldn’t be dislodged while driving and possibly hit the driver or passenger. Also when the sun is at a certain angle, the placard can reflect off that hard plastic into the eyes of other drivers.

If you are doing the driving for a handicapped person, please be aware of this rule stated right on the placard and remove it before driving. Also when I drive my buddy anywhere and he is not going to exit the vehicle, I do not use a handicapped parking space, even though I am entitled to. It also states on the personal identification card that if you can’t use a rearview mirror for placement, you can place the placard on the dashboard when you park.

Richard Rowe