Letter: Kucinich’s effort appreciated



Dennis Kucinich was gerrymandered out of his district when a GOP majority redrew his district. What was left of his old district voted overwhelmingly to retain Kucinich — why wasn’t that mentioned in the April 28 Columbian editorial “Jeer”? The slanted, derisive and demeaning reference to his being a potential carpetbagger was uncalled for. Kucinich has always been a voice for the people, not a voice for the monied interest, not the corporate interest, not the special favor interest, but the people’s interest. It doesn’t matter if he represents them from Ohio or from Washington state.

State Democratic Chairman Dwight Peltz doesn’t represent me or the members of his party when he spurns Kucinich; he only represents himself. I am grateful Kucinich even considered the state of Washington.

Donald R. Hess