Letter: Olympia bows to highest bidders



I read the April 27 Columbian story “Plan for new hospice center approved,” that an outside interest with a lot of money is going to be allowed to build a $2.1 million hospice in Clark County, even though the one we have is not at capacity and providing excellent service.

Earlier, Columbia United Providers was informed that its contract will not be renewed in favor of bids by outside interests even though CUP was providing excellent service. A few years ago a new hospital was approved in favor of, you guessed it, outside interests with a lot of money even though the former Southwest Washington Medical Center was providing excellent service.

The pattern has become clear that our state government ends at Olympia, and everything south of that is for sale to the highest bidder. I have voted for my last candidate for a statewide office who comes from Seattle or the Puget Sound.

Glenn Durden