Letter: Dietary habits form at home



Regarding the Associated Press story “Report: Schools key to fighting America’s obesity; Medical group also calls for tax on sugary drinks” published May 9 in The Columbian, in my opinion, taxing soft drinks won’t work and it is pointless if candy, chips and other junk foods aren’t also taxed.

My observation over the years is that soft drink consumption is an addiction, which now spans several generations. I am appalled when I see the very common sight in grocery stores of parents, children in tow, with large quantities of soft drinks and other sugar-laden foods in their shopping carts.

Let’s be real here, parents raise children, schools don’t.

Yes, there certainly needs to be nutrition education in school, but what happens at home is even more important. If parents aren’t concerned about their own nutrition then they won’t be instilling good eating habits in their children.

I don’t have the answer on how to have better parents.

Carl Tuttle