Letter: City can’t afford full-time mayor



Woodland City Council members rewarded Mayor Grover Laseke for not keeping a campaign promise. No wonder politicians do whatever they want once elected, because even in Woodland, we do not make our elected officials live up to their campaign promises.

Councilors Ben Fredricks, Marilee McCall, Al Swindell and Susan Humbyrd passed a resolution giving the mayor a $30,000 per year salary increase for the balance of this year and the next three years, to spend the time required to be a good mayor/administrator of Woodland.

When running for election, he promised to do just that at the mayor’s current salary. The $30,000 is taxpayer money and at the same meeting the council indicted that the city will not water the parks due to lack of funds.

When campaigning, Grover said he would devote as much time as needed to the job of mayor. He never said he would expect a raise in pay.

In the last 20 years, all of our mayors have worked nearly full time at that job. They considered it a service to the community more than a paid position. Grover knew this because he has worked for the city

Some people walk their talk and some people don’t. But you should never reward someone for not walking their talk.

Darlene Johnson