Letter: DOGPAW works to improve parks



If you are using any of the DOGPAW off-leash dog parks without becoming a member, then you are stealing services. Dog Owners Group for Park Access in Washington relies on membership and donations to create and maintain the parks. If you become a member of DOGPAW, you will receive emails to let you know what is going on with the park and when parks will be closed for maintenance.

On a recent morning at the Brush Prairie Dog Park, work was going on to improve the trails with bark dust. There was a sign indicating the park was closed from 8 a.m. to noon. DOGPAW also sent out an email detailing the park closures. Still, several people argued with the volunteer that they didn’t know about the closure and should be allowed in. We are extremely lucky to have not just one, but several dog parks in Clark County. These parks are only here due to the hard work of volunteers and membership dues/donations from those of us who use and appreciate the park. Next time you’re at the dog park, pick up a membership application. If you don’t like how DOGPAW is doing things, then become a volunteer and make a difference.

Kelly O’Neill

Battle Ground