13-year-old boy rescued at Wallace Falls



GOLD BAR, Wash. (AP) — A 13-year-old boy is safe after a dramatic overnight rescue above Wallace Falls near Gold Bar.

The boy was wading in the Wallace River Saturday afternoon when he slipped and went down a 10-foot waterfall. He scrambled to a rock just before he would have plunged over the main 70-foot waterfall.

Rescuers say that by the time they arrived, the boy was wet and standing on a 1-foot-wide rock five yards from shore. The first rescuer lowered from the helicopter had his rope cut on a rock overhang, and he too fell into the river, but was saved from going over the falls by his secondary rope.

Other rescuers hiked to him. They threw him food and dry clothes, and finally got him off the rock at about 1:30 Sunday morning. The 10 rescuers camped with the boy overnight.

He did not require medical treatment.