Letter: Poyfair earns respect for his service




The bashing of former Clark County Superior Court Judge Edwin Poyfair on The Columbian’s editorial pages has been disappointing to see. After reading the May 12 “Cheers & Jeers” editorial and two recent negative letters, I want to give my take on the man. When I worked at the Clark County Superior Court Clerk’s office in 2007-08, I clerked several adoption hearings that came before Poyfair. Each time, he made it a special occasion and a pleasurable experience for couples to adopt a child into their family. There were several times that photographs were taken with the new parents, the child(ren) and the judge after the hearings.

In the short time I knew and worked with Poyfair, he always treated me with kindness and respect as he did with those who came before him in his courtroom during the hearings that I clerked. Regarding the cases referred to in these letters, there may have been something that prompted the judge to respond the way he did. Judges don’t chastise people without a reason.

I hope Poyfair enjoys his retirement and feels good about his two decades of fine service to our county.

Rob Kelly