Letter: Competition good for community



Regarding the May 16 Columbian story, “PeaceHealth appeals hospice approval: It argues that there are not enough patients to support two centers in county,” what is PeaceHealth afraid of? I’ll tell you. They are afraid another hospice, Community Home Health & Hospice, would infringe on potential income. They claim that this area cannot support another hospice facility, but wouldn’t it be up to the patients and families in this area to determine that?

If there truly isn’t enough support, it would validate PeaceHealth’s opinion and would hurt the bottom line of CHHH. If there is enough support, it would hurt the bottom line of PeaceHealth and, in reality, the bottom line is all they are concerned about.

The Department of Health has reviewed much data, heard many testimonies, deliberated for many months and concluded that this area could support another 10 bed hospice facility and, in doing so, refuted PeaceHealth’s reasons of opposition.

The mission statement of PeaceHealth reads, “We carry on the healing mission of Jesus Christ by promoting personal and community health, relieving pain and suffering, and treating each person in a loving and caring way.”

Evidently “each person” only applies to those not potentially in competition for dollars. I don’t think Jesus would approve of their actions in this case.

Harold Lay