Letter: Water quality threatened



InStream Conservation News reports several problems with mining activities at the Yacolt Mountain Quarry. Those activities are affecting the ground water that feeds into the East Fork of the Lewis River and directly impact the water quality and quantity in the river.

The activities done in the type of rock at this site have potential to harm local wells, the aquifer that supplies major wells downstream, and the four protected fish species. Poor sediment control is resulting in sedimentation of upper wetlands and tributary streams that feed into the river.

Excess sedimentation kills the spawning efforts of the fish.

Blasting to break up rock causes deep fractures in this type of rock, which changes the ground water flow patterns that feed into the river and aquifer, as well as degradation of well water in the surrounding area. Enforcement of related Clark County water quality and stormwater codes is apparently absent.

Valerie Alexander

La Center