Letter: Coal-export project means jobs



With the unemployment rate in Cowlitz County very high, I am proud to be a part of a company committed to hiring and sourcing locally. Millennium Bulk Terminals currently has more than 30 local employees working at the site, and has contracted out many other jobs here, including landscapers, heating and air professionals, mechanics, computer technicians, fencing companies and various other local contractors. We make every effort to hire and contract locally, and we buy local — I know, because I order and pick up our parts. In its efforts to clean up the old Reynolds site and turn it into a world-class port facility for exporting coal, Millennium has already brought family-wage jobs with great benefits to Longview — and it will only bring more.

So let’s work together as a community and get this coal-export project going. Don’t we want more jobs?

Dixie Bailey