Letter: Schools need dress codes



I read the May 8 letters to the editor, “Improper dress interrupts focus” by Evelina Khriptiyevskiy and the one right after hers by Kayla Aguirre entitled, “Teenage outfits are free expression.”

Khriptiyevskiy said she found it hard to focus on her academics because of all the short skirts and boxer shorts exposed to the world. And Aguirre said she felt kids should have the freedom to express themselves however they like.

I would like to add my opinion to the mix. I’m siding with Khriptiyevskiy in her efforts to study and get an education without having to be distracted by what those around her are wearing and what they are “showing.” To me that makes a whole lot more sense than Aguirre’s argument to be able to wear jeans with holes in them and leggings, which are too tight, and expose too much skin, just because she wants to.

I applaud Aguirre’s school for enforcing a dress code and I wish all schools would do the same.

Alice Cox