Cabrera’s 51 May hits match San Francisco record



SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Melky Cabrera is a new marketing phenomenon: “Got Melk?”

He is piling up nicknames nearly as quickly as he is piling up hits. Melk Man. Melky Way. And the old standby from his Yankees days, Leche — milk in Spanish.

Cabrera has quite the following at AT&T Park, where several men dress in 1950s-style “Melk Man” suits in support of San Francisco’s hottest hitter.

Cabrera is surpassing everybody’s expectations in his first season with the Giants, putting up such sensational numbers in a record May that he’s now mentioned in the same breath as Hall of Famers Willie Mays and Orlando Cepeda. He is drawing comparisons to Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn from his manager, too.

Cabrera batted .429 in May with three homers, five triples, seven doubles and 17 RBIs.