Letter: New law limits students’ potential



In the 1990 Legislature, Running Start originated as an excellent way for high school students to take college classes without paying tuition, although they pay fees and buy textbooks. The 2011-13 state budget changed the rules so Running Start students can no longer take more than 120 percent of a full-time load, combining high school and college work, without paying tuition.

This is unfair to students who are ambitious enough to juggle both high school and college. With the state the economy is in, many rely solely on Running Start to get a degree they may not be able to pay for. Changing the law concerning Running Start limits the program and the full potential of students. Running Start must be kept open to different flexible schedules.

Let’s change the law to reflect the needs of students. Changes to education are not the first cut that should be made for the budget.

Erin Bothwell