Escaped prisoner may have had help

Man arrested for allegedly driving getaway car



Brandon Musto

SEATTLE — Police arrested a man Thursday in connection with an escape from a Monroe prison, saying the 59-year-old drove the getaway car for a fugitive prisoner who remains at large.

The man arrested before dawn in McCleary, a small town near Olympia, was not cooperating with investigators, said Monroe police spokeswoman Debbie Willis.

His name was not released, but authorities describe him as a friend of Brandon J. Musto, who disappeared Wednesday night from a minimum-security unit at the Monroe Correctional Complex.

Deputies seized the man’s car, said Grays Harbor County Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate. The prison is about 80 miles from where the man was taken into custody.

Musto, 37, had three months left to serve on his sentence.

Authorities say they discovered he was gone after an evening check-in. Inmates are counted four times a day, so officials think Musto had been missing no more than a few hours when they realized he had fled, said corrections department spokesman Chad Lewis.

Musto apparently went over a fence, although officials are checking video as they investigate, Lewis said.

Musto began serving time in September 2011 for a vehicular assault conviction in Thurston County and was scheduled for release in February 2013.

Lewis said authorities do not know Musto’s motive, but since an escape conviction could lead to several more years in prison, “that might be the first question we ask him.”