Letter: Today is reminder of our patriotism




Today is Veterans Day. To those of us who are of an older generation, it will always be Armistice Day.

While I served honorably in the Army, I am certainly no hero. I was never shot at or placed in harm’s way during my years of service. I am a patriot, who responded when my country called, and I wore the uniform of the United States of America with pride, honor, and dignity.

What, then, is a veteran? Simply put, a veteran is someone who at one point in his or her life signed a blank check payable to the U.S.A. for everything that he or she was, including that veteran’s very life.

What, then, is a patriot? A patriot is someone who contributes to the welfare of the community and the country, giving freely of time, talent, and treasure each according to his or her abilities. Being a patriot means, among other things, standing up for the freedoms and responsibilities that make America a great county.

The American flag flies on a flagpole outside my home 24 hours a day, every day of the year. It is a constant reminder of the price of freedom, and today, as ever, we should recognize that freedom is not free.

Duane Vincent