Letter: Be prepared for disasters



I find it inexcusable that those who had plenty of warnings of the coming of Hurricane Sandy, and in an area that is home to some of the nation’s wealthiest, just didn’t prepare. The sight of people going through the trash just to eat tells me that those who live in these areas prone to natural disasters just don’t get it. They knew it was coming, yet many did not prepare.

Why is it that this country only comes together to raise money for the natural disasters? Why can’t this country have fundraisers to fill the food banks or build more homeless shelters. Those poor people in the global world do need help, yet what about helping at home? We have ultra-rich people in this country and at times we should have fund raisers for those same people in disasters who don’t prepare. I don’t see much wealth going to the food banks and homeless. Any of America’s billionaires can cut a check and fill the food banks and get homeless off the streets. We cannot rely on the government, we must prepare.

Thomas M. Krueger