Letter: Libraries’ parking adequate



Now really. Larry Kingsbury’s Nov. 7 letter to the editor — “Libraries require ample parking,” quibbling that the new downtown Vancouver and Cascade Park libraries “are virtually inaccessible by car during the day because of tiny crowded parking lots” — is hyperbole.

I’ve been at both libraries during the day.

Granted, the Cascade Park library parking lot is small, but remember the Firstenburg Community Center is immediately adjacent the library and the total parking space available seems adequate. I’ve not yet had to park in someone else’s parking lot, although occasionally have had to park in front of or on the north side of the Firstenburg center and, OMG, walk.

I’ve also parked at the downtown Vancouver library, maybe not in a space nearest the building, but again, didn’t need to park in the street and only had to make the two-minute w-a-l-k to the building.

Finally, now come on, the writer seems to infer that using the bus is an undesirable option.

David McBride