Letter: The answer is still ‘no’ on light rail



The voters of Vancouver have once again voted down funding for light rail on the proposed Columbia River Crossing bridge. And still the powers that be in City Hall are bound and determined to force light rail down our collective throats. Their attitude seems to be, “We are smarter than the rest of you and we know what is best. You don’t. Therefore, you will have light rail and you will like it. So there.”

What those people in City Hall, and this includes Mayor Tim Leavitt, do not seem to comprehend is that we, the Vancouver voters, put them into office and we can remove them at the next election. They cannot or do not understand that they work for us. We do not work for them.

Also, the height requirement under the bridge is mandated by the Coast Guard. They have final say, at least in this requirement. If the Columbia River Crossing decides to fight them on this one issue, then the Coast Guard could conceivably hold up government funding until they get what is needed for unimpeded river traffic.

Bill Fisher