Letter: Time to say ‘no’ to top 1 percent



It’s disturbing to read a letter such as Korey Kier’s “Little accomplished by Obama,” published on Oct. 28. Kier apparently has a bias against the poor. I hope he never faces a catastrophic illness leaving him financially destitute.

I have lived below the poverty line most of my life. I’ve worked since I was 15. I have volunteered at my child’s school twice a week for three years. I volunteered for Girl Scouts, Campfire Girls, at a summer camp and at my local neighborhood association. I’ve taken care of my neighbors when they’ve been ill.

I’ve heard “no” most of my life. No, we can’t hire you because you don’t have a college degree. No, we can’t treat your illness because you don’t have health insurance. No, we can’t rent to you because you don’t make enough money. Yes, I have needed assistance in the past.

Maybe we should stop being afraid to say “no” to the top 1 percent.

Susan Smith