Letter: Not all those in need qualify for aid



The sad truth is that millions of people around the U.S. do not qualify for Medicaid even if they are facing poverty.

Politicians who aren’t agreeing to the federal plan to extend Medicaid coverage to people in poverty should try to live for a year uninsured with a low income. By doing so, it may make them understand the issues at hand and actually try to find the solutions to fix it.

However, in reality, these very politicians will keep providing tax cuts to the top earners in the country, whose companies will keep shipping American jobs overseas. Because of this, the government is left with a deficit as millions are unemployed or underemployed and are not capable of paying taxes.

If the politicians and their millionaire counterparts could swallow their greed and the need for division between political parties, we could actually bring those jobs back to America and put these millions of people back to work.

Dilshan Mendis