Letter: Numbers show direction ‘forward’



I’ve seen recent letters in The Columbian from people who are wringing their hands over President Obama’s re-election. This is sad, and it really seems to me that these folks should get over it and move on.

Could Mitt Romney have been elected? Maybe, but he wasn’t. It’s obvious that his campaign gurus didn’t pay enough attention to changing demographics. Truth is, whether the party realizes it or not, the GOP’s “tent” has become smaller and smaller in recent years.

Look at what happened on election night: More than 90 percent of blacks voted for Obama, along with more than 70 percent of Latinos, and 55 percent of women (thanks to Senate candidates Todd Akin’s and Richard Mourdock’s remarks on rape). Romney did a poor job of reaching out to blacks and Latinos, and should have disavowed Akin and Mourdock immediately, but he didn’t, and women noticed.

My view: Time for Republicans to cease being so stubborn (especially on this “fiscal cliff” issue) and become a lot more open to compromise.

Lehman Holder