Letter: Degrees of entitlement differ



Much has been said about the 47 percent of Americans that are receiving some form of federal “entitlement.” The term “entitlement” is abhorrent to me; the 47 percent should be broken down so as to show the real “entitlement” recipients.

It is important that persons such as myself be separated from the entitlement recipients. I have paid my Social Security taxes for about 48 years; further, I earned my military pension through active duty and reserve service of 20 years. Make no mistake: I paid for my benefits and earned my military pension.

Today, the president, Supreme Court and both houses of Congress stand at the brink of the abyss called the fiscal cliff. Historically those who suffer the financial hardship most will be those persons like me; we have paid and earned our retirement benefit and are an easy mark since our funds are controlled by those 545 people whose only interest is re-election or appointment by a biased partisan group, addicted to power and corruption.

What happened to those principles of supporting and defending the Constitution and the American people that our elected swear to do when they accept office?

Peter L. Williamson