Letter: CRC planning must focus on region



I continue to find the actions of the Columbia River Crossing troubling. Their zeal in attempting to force a square block into a round hole only works to show just how flawed their thinking is.

The question never has been, “Do we need a bridge?” We not only need to consider the replacement of the river bridges on I-5, but need to look into the future and see that the region would be better served by one or two bridges more.

By refusing to consider all the current needs in their planning, and by attempting to continue the incorporation of light rail into the mix, they have not only run out the planning cost, but have imposed unnecessary requirements into the planning.

Light rail, if it is to be used, should enter Clark County and the Vancouver area off I-205. Branches could then serve the community east and west. Since we (in Clark County) have never seen fit to fully utilize the rail line we have for passenger travel, it’s hard to see that as a crushing requirement at this time.

It’s time for comprehensive planning that addresses the regional needs, not just the wants of a few.

John M. Larson