Homebuilding activity increases in Clark County in September




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Homebuilding activity increased in September in Clark County, as measured by building permit totals in a report released Monday.

The data showed 56 new-home permits were issued to build single-family homes in unincorporated parts of the county in the month of September. It was a 19 percent increase over the 47 permits handed out in August and an 80 percent increase over the 31 permits issued in September 2011.

Values also increased for the single-family housing industry, which in September took out permits valued at $18.7 million, up from $10.4 million worth of permits issued in the same month last year.

For the third quarter, or the three months ending Sept. 30, there were 169 permits issued to build single-family houses, representing a 78 percent increase over the 92 permits handed out during the third quarter in 2011.

Commercial construction — office, retail and industrial projects — also improved slightly in September in unincorporated Clark County. There were 26 commercial building permits issued for the month, which held steady with August’s 24 permits and with the September 2011 total of 27 permits.

However, the projects permitted in September had a higher collective value than the projects permitted in the same month last year. September’s commercial construction permits were valued at $18.7 million, up from a total value of $10.4 million for permits issued during the same month last year.

In September, the county handed out five permits to build multi-family apartment complexes, one of the fastest-growing sectors in the local construction industry. The county has issued 27 permits to build multi-family housing projects in 2011 and 2012. Few of the projects have broken ground.