Letter: Consider self-preservation in voting



As the Sept. 23 Columbian story “Many in GOP backed cuts they now oppose” shows, it is the Republicans who spent the recent red ink, to the tune of over $5 trillion. The stimulus by Democrats amounts to 12 percent of the red ink in the story. The TARP bailout is estimated more at $780 billion not $16 billion. Now Republicans blame Democrats for the deficit. More hypocrisy, flip-flopping of Republicans who praised the sequestration now blame its future effects on Democrats.

The Republican answer to all this red ink they spent is more tax cuts. Blame Democrats, promise tax cuts. How do you pay deficits with tax cuts? Simple, you don’t. Republicans care nothing for deficits, the interest paid on it goes to big banks who are “Republicans.” Surprising? Not in the least. Workers (most of us) — stop voting against your own interests, vote Democrat.

Bill Kelley