Letter: Elect those who will restore legacy



We are engaged in a contest between proponents of two divergent political interpretations of the meaning, direction and destiny of our Constitution. The present contest between liberals (i.e. Democrats) and conservatives (i.e. Republicans) is marked by an exchange of exaggerations, misstatements and misunderstandings.

The Constitution’s goal is to provide life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for its citizens. Whenever political interpretations violate its original intent, citizens can reject contrary tangents by electing officials who will restore and preserve the fundamental goals.

Despite the quixotic improbability of providing equitable happiness for all diverse peoples of this land, the Democratic establishment, over the past 50 years, has and is taking major steps to redistribute the nation’s wealth to achieve greater equity among its population.

For the first 175 years of our Constitution, its legacy was to provide us with the blessings of freedom and free enterprise by which each individual has been guaranteed the opportunity to work — to succeed or to fail. To restore that legacy of a can-do citizenry and nation, we must discard the entitlement mentality and again become pioneers, innovators and risk-takers. We need to elect officials who want to reinstate the best from the past and meld that with the unlimited opportunities of our future.

Darrel Wilhoit