Talking Points: World Series tickets on sale



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Oh, those Washington Nationals. They keep messing with their fans.

First, they get them all excited about having an electrifying young pitcher. Then they tell everybody that the pitcher won’t actually pitch, you know, when it matters.

Even without that pitcher, the Nationals proceed to win a couple games in the playoffs and gain a two-run lead going into the ninth inning in the deciding game. With two outs, the Nationals allowed four runs to score. And lost.

Again, that was a series deciding game. In other words, their season ended. Right? Right? We all can agree on this, right?

To show the Nationals were not yet done messing with their fans, on Saturday morning, every season ticket holder got an email reminding them that on Monday, they could buy World Series tickets.



A pizza deliveryman in Ohio is out of a job because he gave a critique of the Ohio State defense to a customer.

The customer happened to be the wife of the Ohio State defensive coordinator.

Apparently, she did not like hearing the comment that Ohio State needed to tackle better, so she called the restaurant to complain.

The dude was fired.

Geesh, lady. You could have just stiffed him with no tip.

We think the defensive coordinator’s wife is a little bit too defensive.


We love these stories.

A big-time football recruit in Ohio stepped out of bounds on the 1-yard line Friday night in order to give a freshman a chance at a touchdown.

The freshman’s father had unexpectedly died earlier in the week. The players wanted to honor their teammate, and his father, with a TD in a varsity game.

Well played.

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