Turin 2006 luge track closing due to high costs



CESANA TORINESE, Italy (AP) — The luge and bobsled track built for the 2006 Turin Olympics is being dismantled because of high operating costs.

Cesana Torinese Mayor Lorenzo Colomb informed the Italian winter sports federation Thursday the track won’t be able to host this winter’s races.

The facility was built for $100 million and costs $2 million a year to run. It is operated by Parcolimpico S.R.L, which controls several venues built for the 2006 Games.

The track had been closed last season but the federation helped reopen it in May. The venue was to hold a luge World Cup event Dec. 1-2.

The track is similar to the one built for the 2014 Sochi Games and several Olympic teams had requested to train there.