Talking Points: Cable deals



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Time Warner Cable in Los Angeles has signed a deal for cable provider Charter Communications to carry Los Angeles Lakers games.

What a novel concept.

For years now, the local Comcast outlet has been unable reach a deal with other providers to carry Trail Blazers games. Comcast has insisted on a monopoly — at the expense of Blazers fans. The Blazers can’t generate the kind of revenue the Lakers can in a metropolis of 13 million people. But there is plenty of incentive for Comcast to reach a deal and do right by the fans.

The kicker: The largest shareholder for Charter Communications, the company that reached the agreement, is Paul Allen.


A couple of points to be gleaned from Oregon’s 70-14 victory Saturday over Colorado:

• The Ducks’ dominance might be a bad thing. Oregon’s average halftime score this year is 36-7, and the starters have played little in the second half of most games. That could hurt them when they have to play hard for 60 minutes.

• Chip Kelly is to be commended for avoiding temptation. The halftime score Saturday was 56-0; the final could have been much, much worse than it was.

• We’re still wondering why Colorado was added to the conference. Oh, that’s right: The Denver TV market. We hope the good people of Denver are enjoying watching one of the worst football teams in league history.


From the we-mention-this-because-we-doubt-that-you-noticed file: The NHL has cancelled games through November, and it looks as though the league won’t play at all this year. Blame needs to be shared among the players and the owners, but this much is certain: Considering that the league lost the 2004-05 season and might lose another, Gary Bettman is a shoo-in in balloting for the worst commissioner in the history of any sport.

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