Letter: ‘Like you and me’? Not at all



When I read Lou Brancaccio’s column, I often write or call. He and I argue about how he feels that private-sector workers are paying for public-sector pensions. I argue that public employees pay taxes throughout their lives. Most public pensions are small, and employees work for decades to earn Social Security, Medicare, and yes, pensions.

But, his Aug. 19 column, “Who’s in front for commission?”, Brancaccio was way off base. He said, “But (Clark County Commissioner Tom) Mielke really is like you and me.” I am nothing like Tom Mielke, and I resent being told that I am. Our family pays our property taxes on time and even early. When looking for solutions to county problems, we discuss ideas. We do not say “no” to every situation.

Unlike county commissioner candidate David Madore, we are proud to pay tolls. We did it before without griping on the Interstate 5 bridge.

We pay our income tax on time without hiding money overseas or bundling financial instruments. Imagine, if everyone paid taxes without hesitation, what wonderful roads, bridges, schools and parks we could all enjoy.

Brancaccio’s comments about political hopefuls’ intelligence were crass. Our family and a great majority of people in Clark County are not like Mielke or Madore. We pay our taxes and strive for community spirit.

Paquita Rupp