Vital Statistics



Marriage licenses


Adams, Brandon Michael, 27, Vancouver, and McPike, Jacqueline Nicole, 25, Vancouver.

Alexander, Kevin Augustus, 30, Hillsboro, Ore., and Burns, Meghan Elizabeth, 28, Hillsboro, Ore.

Barnett, Nicky Ryan, 37, Vancouver, and Vandervet, Laura Lee, 25, Vancouver.

Bartley, Curtis Russell, 24, Corvallis, Ore., and Carlson, Narcissa Grace, 22, Corvallis, Ore.

Berry, Kevin Richard, 30, Vancouver, and Maynard, Kimberly May, 29, Vancouver.

Carman, Bradley Steven, 52, Portland, and White, Jodie Lynne, 48, Vancouver.

Crawford, Christopher James, 29, Portland, and Anderson, Misty Dawn, 30, Portland.

Davis, Todd Bentley, 48, Portland, and Peterson, Rhianna Lea, 35, Portland.

Dellinger, Thomas Patrick, 33, Vancouver, and Nixon, Emily Rose, 25, Vancouver.

Flores, Edgar Jovanny Gonzalez, 19, Vancouver, and Alfaro-Soria, Erika Jasmine, 18, Vancouver.

Frank, Randy Lee, 45, East Wenatchee, and Shaw, Sandra Rae, 44, East Wenatchee.

Gingrich, Casey Benjamin, 36, Vancouver, and Merz, Dresden Marie, 29, Vancouver.

Harrington, Ronald Lee, 26, Vancouver, and Dewar, Tiffany Cathleen, 25, Vancouver.

Henson, Stephen Craig, 46, Vancouver, and Kisor, Pamela Sue, 44, Vancouver.

Kincaid, Eric Raymond, 25, Vancouver, and Berry, Ashlynd Elizabeth, 25, Vancouver.

Nguyen, Cuong Le Quoc, 36, Vancouver, and Le, Phuong Thi, 31, Vietnam.

Ray, David John, 54, Woodland, and Gonzalez, Dora Alicia, 53, Woodland.

Santillan, Juan Carlos, 28, Portland, and Anderson, Michelle Eileen, 31, Portland.

Siclovan, Ashley Wade, 38, Vancouver, and Wheeler, Rebecca Lynn, 29, Vancouver.

Smith, Ethan Carver, 37 Portland, and Bendotoff, Nicole Alyce, 32, Portland.

Troy, Dana Shubin, 27, Portland, and Weatherly, Patricia Amanda, 26, Portland.

Utter, Steven Joshua, 28, Vancouver, and Utter, Autumn Leigh, 28, Vancouver.

Zhdanyuk, Andrey Vasiliyvich, 20, Battle Ground, and Nikolaychuk, Natasha Leonidovna, 19, Vancouver.

Court sentencings

The Columbian's policy is to publish all Clark County Superior Court felony sentencings, as provided by the Clark County Clerk's Office. DC signifies that the defendant has entered drug court. Addresses are provided by the courts and may have changed by the time of sentencing. Misdemeanor sentencings, provided by District Court, are published for the following crimes: DUI (driving under the influence), DWS/revoked (driving while license is suspended or revoked), theft-3 (third-degree theft), and assault-4 (fourth-degree assault). If the defendant is sentenced for other misdemeanors at the same time, those offenses are also listed. Money figures represent fines.

Judges John Hagensen, John Nichols, James Swanger, Barbara Johnson, James Rulli, Vernon Schreiber, Robert Lewis, Richard Melnick, Darvin Zimmerman, Diane Woolard, Scott A. Collier, John Wulle, Greg Gonzales, Kelli Osler, Sonya Langsdorf and Dan Stahnke. Judge Protem: Terry Vetter. Court Commissioners: Carin Schienberg, Amy Swingen, Alison Greene, Suzan Clark, Clayton Spencer, Jeff Witteman, Mary Arden, Kristen Parcher and Dayann Liebman.


Anderson, Robert Clayton, 37, 2925 E. First Ave., Camas, 68 days, attempted burglary-2. (Wulle, Aug. 31)

Frampton, Brett Win, 20, 905 E. 29th St., 120 days, possession of heroin and trafficking in stolen property-2. (Wulle, Aug. 31)

Glover, Brenda J., 21, address not available, 36 days, obtain or attempt to obtain controlled substance by fraud or forged prescription. (Johnson, Aug. 30)

Kuschell, Mikhail, 35, 409 S.W. Park St., Camas, 30 days, theft-1. (Melnick, Aug. 31)

Levesque, James Robert, 39, 2312 N.E. 104th St., 18 months, assault-2 – domestic violence. (Wulle, Aug. 31)

Lewis, Adam Chief, 26, incarcerated, 50 months, failing to register as a convicted sex offender with two or more prior convictions. (Wulle, Aug. 31)

Mendoza, Alejandro Velasquez, 21, 11328 N.E. 51st Court, 90 days, theft-1. (Wulle, Aug. 31)

Strange, Daniel Rae II, 26, 2206 E. 25th St., 45 days, possession of methamphetamine. (Wulle, Aug. 31)


Aland, Russell Lee, 46, 3200 Clark Ave., $600, 30 days, two counts DWS/revoked. (Swanger, Aug. 24)

Anderson, Jeremy Jerome, 23, 821 N.E. Hearthwood Blvd., $100, 1 day, assault-4. (Osler, Aug. 21)

Bagley, Justin Lamar, 22, 7576 Delaware Lane, $200, 3 days, DWS/revoked. (Parcher, Aug. 23)

Barasa, Andres, 25, 811 N.E. 253rd St., Ridgefield, $250, 5 days, DWS/revoked. (Parcher, Aug. 23)

Boss, Kyrah Lenae, 35, 1008 W. 39th St., $100, 1 day, DWS/revoked. (Swanger, Aug. 24)

Bracero Jr., Phillip P., 27, 2900 General Anderson Road, $300, 4 days, two counts DWS/revoked. (Parcher, Aug. 23)

Braithwaite, Joseph Shane, 35, 7531 N.E. 18th St., $100, 1 day, DWS/revoked. (Parcher, Aug. 23)

Bronk, Raymond Francis, 60, Aberdeen, $100, 5 days, assault-4. (Langsdorf, Aug. 24)

Brown, Andrew Justin, 24, 10 S.E. 16th St., Battle Ground, $400, 6 days, two counts DWS/revoked. (Witteman, Aug. 23)

Bruce, Autumn Taejon, 19, 5219 N.E, 119th St., $800, 40 days, four counts theft-3. (Hagensen, Aug. 22)

Bullington, John Andrew, aka Bullington, Jonathon Wayne, 38, 2904 N.E, 103rd Ave. and Kelso and Longview, $300, 3 days, three counts assault-4. (Osler, Aug. 21)

Carter, Robert Willis, 25, 9709 N.E. 88th Ave., $100, 4 days, DWS/revoked. (Witteman, Aug. 21)

Crenshaw, Kyrah Lenae, 35, 6025 N.E. 33rd Circle, $100, 1 day, DWS/revoked. (Swanger, Aug. 24)

Crimin, Amber Estelle, 33, Portland, $595, 1 day, DUI. (Zimmerman, Aug. 20)

Davis, Whitney Raelyn, 23, 11301 N.E. Seventh St., $100, 3 days, DWS/revoked. (Swanger, Aug. 22)

Dickson, Eric Edward, 21, 9606 N.E. 144th Court, $1,000, 360 days, two counts DWS/revoked. (Zimmerman, Aug. 20)

Escott, Cory Michael, 54, 15607 N.E. 35th St., $100, 5 days, theft-3. (Swanger, Aug. 23)

Eyler, Gregory Tshaun, 18, 2725 E. 19th St., $1,000, 120 days, four counts assault-4. (Langsdorf, Aug. 20)