Letter: Hoping for more from Democratic National Convention



I watched most of the Republican National Convention. I listened to Chris Christie. I listened to Paul Ryan. I listened to Mitt Romney. It seems they are all really nice people and have really nice families. Unfortunately, other than the recurring theme of Obama bad, Mitt good, I didn’t see anything save for rhetoric and vague plans and promises to do better. Please tell me they’ve got more than that.

Also, basing an entire convention on a misquote of President Obama’s “You didn’t build that!” speech is dishonest and disingenuous at best. Frankly, I had hoped for more from the Republicans.

I’ll be watching the Democratic National Convention this week. It will be interesting to see if they have anything to say. So far, by all indications, I think President Obama will come out ahead in the battle of the conventions because he treats his pets better.

Jeffrey A. Gibbons