Letter: Vote down attempt to legalize pot



Many of those involved in drug-prevention efforts are individuals, like me, who have had the lives of loved ones destroyed by drug use. Most of these tragedies began with marijuana as the first illegal substance used.

In the newspaper coverage of issues pertaining to drug use, the cost figures always reflect only law enforcement and incarceration, they never reflect the cost of treatment, of families on welfare because of money diverted to drug use, or the loss of employment due to drug use. And the cost figures do not reflect the lost productivity due to drug-using employees or the cost to our schools due to drug use.

Additionally, these costs do not reflect the fact that our emergency rooms are filled with individuals who seek medical help for overdose and psychiatric problems associated with drug use.

Marijuana has become one of the leading causes of drug-related emergency room episodes due to its high potency.

“Medicalization” of marijuana is nothing more than the “leaky bucket” approach advocated by the legalizers to attaining their goal of full legalization of all psychoactive and addictive substances.

Vote “no” on Initiative 502.

–Sandra S. Bennett, La Center