Letter: Bank on coal as good investment



Shipping coal or burning coal is not hazardous. We lived in Iowa and burned coal in our furnace; one ton per winter lasted until spring. Banking it in the furnace was easy and kept the coals hot until morning. The ashes were used to cover the sidewalk, keeping those walking from slipping on ice and snow.

During World War II, while living in the Heights, we used a small stove in the living room. Setting the damper required some adjustment as the stoves would overheat the chimneys, causing the wallboard to catch on fire. We received one ton in an outdoor box at $10 per ton — a very good price for those working in the shipyards as times were tough and groceries were hard to obtain as food stamps were used to ration for all households. Schools were limited to half-days. We had no insulation or storm windows, yet the coal kept us warm and safe.

Please encourage our foreign neighbors to buy more — it’s a good investment.

Clarke Meade III